A feeling like no other

Being a grandmother

A feeling deep inside

My feelings I can’t hide



Today feels like a dream

For you I finally seen

Your gorgeous little face

A kiss I gently place



A miracle so true

My grandson I love you

The love I feel is real

It’s amazing how I feel



In my dreams you’ll be

Every night I go to sleep

Every time I think of you

My heart will skip a beat ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*



Tears Fall !

Why does my eyes sting

Why do we pray or sin

Why do we lose hope

Or is it a downward slope

I find happiness rarely

In my life it feels barely

How sad I sound to you

I don’t know what to do

If happiness comes within

Then maybe I’m waring thin

If sadness I’m surrounded

Need to keep myself grounded

I fear of feeling happy again

For inside of me real pain

If I return a smile or two

I’m smiling truly trying too

We may never know at all

Why we never stand up tall

No matter where we’re at

We’re trying that’s a fact

I’m struck by impending doom

I know what I fear so soon

I cannot stop these feelings

I’ll try through gentle healing

To change so much to me

Is a tall order to be

So push on I’ll try my best

I know my body needs to rest


Boo Bear 🐻

My Wee Star 🌟


Oh My Little Boo Bear 🐻

How I Love You So

The Sweetest Little Baby

Who In Life So Far Will Go:



Your Are A Shining Star

And Brightly Shine You Do

You Make Me So So Happy

Cos In My Life I’ve You *


Always I Will Watch You

Grow So Big And Strong

I’ll Always See You Change

I Know It Wont Be Long:



Always Little Boo Bear

I’ll Keep You Safe With Me

Many Days Of Playing

You’ll Be A Busy Little Bee:



Baking Biscuits In The Day

Watching Stars At Night

So When It’s Time For Bed

Hugs But Not Too Tight:



Morning Time You’ll Wake

Calling Out To Say Hello

Grandma Will Be There

Off To Play Again We’ll Go: *

: 💙👶🏻💙👶🏻💙👶🏻



In black and white it stands

As beautiful as can be

Such an amazing building

So steeped in history

If you ever have been

You’ll know how it feels

Imposing, but lavish and real

Buildings with atmosphere

That’s the kind I love

Unseen history inside

That always remains untouched

We explore to feed our brains

Part of history still remains

These buildings have life

Although they are old

We can read all their history

Though there’s stories untold

Some people have no interest

Which is obviously their choice

I. Myself love history’s voice

There maybe no sound

But looking closer I’ve found

Ssh listen you’ll hear the sound

I believe buildings tell stories

If we listen carefully

They can tell many tales

Share your stories with me

York in B & W


Sound A Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy to me

I’d imagine quite a few would agree

It makes you feel really unwell

Your body is weary many can tell

Your mind can’t shut off

From troubles and pains

Stresses ongoing in your brain

I wanna feel so normal again

No medications I want to take

Enough I take for my body aches

I wish I was different in every way

I wish my pain disappear one day

I feel so unlucky in body and soul

To have no pain is my end goal

Though it may come only in death

Until that day comes I hold my breath

Does it sound selfish all that I say

Normal is what I wish for each day

To gently lay my body so weak

I know one day I’ll fall fast asleep


Some people choose to change their ways

Though not for the better I’m afraid to say

Why are people so false and two faced

They somehow don’t feel any disgrace

I’ve been kind with people while growing up

My mother taught me this so well

Treat people with care and respect

A kind word to think and tell

Most people I know are caring and nice

They treat me well and they give advice

They help when I feel tired and sore

They’re friends that mean so much more

People can think I’m unkind

Truth be told I don’t mind

Deep on down I know true friends

That’s all that matters in the end

Some folk just cannot help themselves

Poking their nose in lives of everyone else

Making up stories and rumours galore

True friends will hopefully choose to ignore

I’d rather have one dear close friend

Than a group of stirrers who just offend

They’re obviously sad within their own life

Leave well alone they’re not worth the strife

True Love





We lost you back in 2002

17 years I still miss you

Only we could turn back time

I’d be yours, you’d be mine:

Your sparkling blue eyes

Your great big smile

You touched many hearts

Here on earth for a while:

Suddenly you were gone

The shock was far too much

It shouldn’t have happened

Oh how I miss your touch:

They say times a healer

Though I’ll always disagree

You were taken far too soon

From Family and from me:

We were due to be married

We decided and planned

Just something simple

It was nearly all in hand:

I tried in vain to help you

My adrenaline was high

Pounding on your chest

Crying please don’t die:

Wee Meghan looking on

Trying to wipe her tears

But sadly time went on

We had to face the fear:

You’ll never be forgotten

Such gentle soul as you

With your mum and dad

Who’ll not be forgotten too:

We had a good ten years

With our ups and downs

You were my gentle giant

You’d never see you frown:

Always thinking of you

Each and everyday

Thank you for the love

Blessed in every way:

I know your still around

It’s comforting to know

Guiding me the right way

Please never let me go

Rise Again

Why do I lay so still I’m not bounded by ropes or restraints but I am still with a gripping fear.

Oh no, not that time again I am but a child leave me be to dream of nice things like summer days. I beg you

Do you have any idea what your warped mind has done to me ? Did you even care? No. You were the beast who had a foul smell

I knew when I lay still with fear pretending to be asleep but gripped with overwhelming panic I prayed for my breath to return to normal

I thought about the angels above me who kept me safe and made me strong but although I faltered in life through no fault of my own

Then it stopped the beast was gone and I could breathe easy and never be afraid of you again. I do believe in karma beast and now I am the beauty I was always meant to be

You tried to destroy my innocence but I fought without raising my fists my mind was my power my belief that one day the torture would end and that’s why beauty will outshine the darkness of many other beasts

Always believe in midst of your darkest hour that you can overcome that’s why we are surrounded by such beauty and we recognise evil


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