In black and white it stands

As beautiful as can be

Such an amazing building

So steeped in history

If you ever have been

You’ll know how it feels

Imposing, but lavish and real

Buildings with atmosphere

That’s the kind I love

Unseen history inside

That always remains untouched

We explore to feed our brains

Part of history still remains

These buildings have life

Although they are old

We can read all their history

Though there’s stories untold

Some people have no interest

Which is obviously their choice

I. Myself love history’s voice

There maybe no sound

But looking closer I’ve found

Ssh listen you’ll hear the sound

I believe buildings tell stories

If we listen carefully

They can tell many tales

Share your stories with me

York in B & W

Published by G-Bear

Iā€™m a 55 year old cuddly Grandma Bear who loves family, stories, art, poetry just saying it how it is ! Stick with me if you can folks. Thank You šŸ™šŸ» Love Michelle

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