Rise Again

Why do I lay so still I’m not bounded by ropes or restraints but I am still with a gripping fear.

Oh no, not that time again I am but a child leave me be to dream of nice things like summer days. I beg you

Do you have any idea what your warped mind has done to me ? Did you even care? No. You were the beast who had a foul smell

I knew when I lay still with fear pretending to be asleep but gripped with overwhelming panic I prayed for my breath to return to normal

I thought about the angels above me who kept me safe and made me strong but although I faltered in life through no fault of my own

Then it stopped the beast was gone and I could breathe easy and never be afraid of you again. I do believe in karma beast and now I am the beauty I was always meant to be

You tried to destroy my innocence but I fought without raising my fists my mind was my power my belief that one day the torture would end and that’s why beauty will outshine the darkness of many other beasts

Always believe in midst of your darkest hour that you can overcome that’s why we are surrounded by such beauty and we recognise evil


Published by G-Bear

I’m a 55 year old cuddly Grandma Bear who loves family, stories, art, poetry just saying it how it is ! Stick with me if you can folks. Thank You 🙏🏻 Love Michelle

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