Going grey is fine to me

I’ll gladly age for all to see

Nothing ever stays the same

It’s real life no not a game :

I know I worry oh so much

I often fear of losing touch

Anxiety comes everyday

I try hard to push it away :

I know that they say

Don’t worry just try

It’s so difficult for me

Saying the word goodbye :

The fear I feel each day

Comes from deep inside

Anxiety keeps building

I try so hard to hide :

To lose people you love

The hurt never goes away

It’s always in your heart

Each and every single day :

A cruel disease it is

My mum is so so kind

Her love is all inside her

Locked sadly in her mind :

I tell her every single visit

How much I love her so

I kiss her gently on her hand

I hate when I have to go :

Remember those who care

And all they done for you

They need you in their life

So be there for them too :

A cure is yet to come

Sadly too late for some

Keep praying everyday

To eradicate this away :

I want to bring mum here

So I can keep her near

It’s selfish in so many ways

Dementia go the f*** away

Published by G-Bear

Iā€™m a 55 year old cuddly Grandma Bear who loves family, stories, art, poetry just saying it how it is ! Stick with me if you can folks. Thank You šŸ™šŸ» Love Michelle

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