My Birthday 🍰

Yesterday I turned fifty five 😱

I can’t believe I’m still alive 😁

Many birthdays have been great

Meeting friends staying out late

As the years swiftly go by you realise

Then wrinkles appear before your eyes

Age gracefully is what they say

Plastic surgery too much to pay

I’m five years off of sixty

The years they go so fast

Oh I’m such a pessimist

Hope my pessimism never lasts

Seeing my grandson yesterday

Hi baby It was really special in every way

His smiley face lifts me so high

It makes me sad when saying goodbye

I maybe old with aches and pains

Finding happiness one day I’ll gain

I do know others worse than myself

Though I’ll gladly be there for everyone else

When your brought up to love and to care

As you get older the more love you share

My beautiful mum she guided me well

I love family so much I suppose you can tell ! ❤️

My Grandson Grayson 🤗

Published by G-Bear

I’m a 55 year old cuddly Grandma Bear who loves family, stories, art, poetry just saying it how it is ! Stick with me if you can folks. Thank You 🙏🏻 Love Michelle

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