Comfy PJs !




πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ :

I love to be in my pjs

Sounds quite sad to say

But life makes you tired

You plod on anyway :

We all like to be comfy

We all like to feel good

So we sit in our pjs

Eating high calorie food :

How sad I may sound

But I really don’t care

Doing what feels good

Pjs and bun in the hair :

I’ve done all my living

The eighties were great

The memories I made

Some of them fate :

Though we may dream

Dreams can come true

We all have it in us

They’re all around you :

So when you feel down

Even tired or unwell

Remember to take heed

Self care for yourself :

I write these little odes

Why? I’m not 100% sure

It’s like a therapy for me

To no avail is it a cure :

Nothings wrong with pjs

Most of them are cute

Colder nights falling in

A lovely pair that suit :

If my little odes annoy

I do not mean to offend

A little lighthearted fun

Sharing with my friends :

Pjs , cuppa and biscuits

To mend a broken heart

Any reason to chill out

In your pjs make a start :

Black & White *

Is it real, what we feel

Do we need, all we have

Often life’s pathways

Take us away in dreams *

To reach but not touch

To feel but not much

My heart yearns again

Just shelter the pain *

Those who look on

Are they as wise

Do they pretend

Behind some disguise *

Oh fear not I am here

Though in what mood

I must declare my fret

Let us not forget *

Does it make sense

Who really cares

Who’s really looking

Or do they just stare *

What will be will be

Time will only tell

Take it all in again

Carry with the swell *

It doesn’t make any sense

The puzzles here within

Where does it all end

Where did it all begin *

We each have our cross

Our cross that we bare

In giving up of emotions

Between us we’ll share *

Trust in your own heart

Then let it be told

Punishments harder

As we each grow old *

Therefore seek pleasure

In what you can achieve

Nobody’s left out this

Seek shelter just breathe *


Going grey is fine to me

I’ll gladly age for all to see

Nothing ever stays the same

It’s real life no not a game :

I know I worry oh so much

I often fear of losing touch

Anxiety comes everyday

I try hard to push it away :

I know that they say

Don’t worry just try

It’s so difficult for me

Saying the word goodbye :

The fear I feel each day

Comes from deep inside

Anxiety keeps building

I try so hard to hide :

To lose people you love

The hurt never goes away

It’s always in your heart

Each and every single day :

A cruel disease it is

My mum is so so kind

Her love is all inside her

Locked sadly in her mind :

I tell her every single visit

How much I love her so

I kiss her gently on her hand

I hate when I have to go :

Remember those who care

And all they done for you

They need you in their life

So be there for them too :

A cure is yet to come

Sadly too late for some

Keep praying everyday

To eradicate this away :

I want to bring mum here

So I can keep her near

It’s selfish in so many ways

Dementia go the f*** away



A feeling like no other

Being a grandmother

A feeling deep inside

My feelings I can’t hide



Today feels like a dream

For you I finally seen

Your gorgeous little face

A kiss I gently place



A miracle so true

My grandson I love you

The love I feel is real

It’s amazing how I feel



In my dreams you’ll be

Every night I go to sleep

Every time I think of you

My heart will skip a beat ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


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