I’m Back !

After what had been a traumatic few months I’ve finally decided to pop back into say Hi folks, I’m hoping everyone is well and staying safe in these very uncertain and frightening times.

We each have a part to play in keeping ourselves and others safe and well. First let me say I send out my condolences to those who have sadly lost loved ones due to this Coronavirus.

Like many of you I’ve been on lockdown since Mother’s Day, this was the last time I saw my dear mum. It is extremely heartbreaking to not be able to visit mum as I had been doing on a daily basis but for mums sake, other residents and staff it is better to take every precaution necessary.

I’ve been doing a bit more poetry over the last couple of months as it’s like a form of therapy for me especially as I suffer a few health issues one being Anxiety.

There will be many many more of you out there who will no doubt be going through similar but I feel like this is a community where we can all come together and support one another as best we can. No. It’s not easy but even just a bit of sunshine and the tweeting of birds can make any of us feel a little more positive hard as it may be.

I want to say that I wish each and everyone of you, family and friends to stay safe and keep busy as possible. I’ll be honest I’ve been finding it quite difficult as I’m a very tactile person and hugging is something I’m missing dreadfully, especially not being able to hug my grandson but there will be most of you also in the same boat.

I want to send you all virtual hugs and know that I’m here for anyone who wishes to share how they’re coping, maybe even giving each other a small gesture of kindness such as a “hello” or share stories, photos and such like, anything you find may help us. I’d love to be able to reach out to anyone who’s feeling that bit more vulnerable. Even in darkness the stars shine brightly.

Sending many blessings to you all.

Michelle X

Sleepless Body !

Here again darkness surrounds

Bats and owls flapping all around

Branches tapping against the glass

I do not fear for it will pass

My diaphragm rising breathing so

Oh not again please just let go

I’m in my slumber I need sleep

Haunting me so until I weep

I’ve given so much of my soul

Pleasure for you that’s your goal

Years gone by I’m worn down

Why do this to see me frown

You’ll have to leave one day soon

Rest will come as I pass the moon

You’ll not find me this I know

My special journey off I’ll go


Going grey is fine to me

I’ll gladly age for all to see

Nothing ever stays the same

It’s real life no not a game :

I know I worry oh so much

I often fear of losing touch

Anxiety comes everyday

I try hard to push it away :

I know that they say

Don’t worry just try

It’s so difficult for me

Saying the word goodbye :

The fear I feel each day

Comes from deep inside

Anxiety keeps building

I try so hard to hide :

To lose people you love

The hurt never goes away

It’s always in your heart

Each and every single day :

A cruel disease it is

My mum is so so kind

Her love is all inside her

Locked sadly in her mind :

I tell her every single visit

How much I love her so

I kiss her gently on her hand

I hate when I have to go :

Remember those who care

And all they done for you

They need you in their life

So be there for them too :

A cure is yet to come

Sadly too late for some

Keep praying everyday

To eradicate this away :

I want to bring mum here

So I can keep her near

It’s selfish in so many ways

Dementia go the f*** away

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