Our Bodies !

You know your body better than anyone else !

Why should we feel bad
When our bodies given up
We all need to step back
Hope and pray for luck

Deep inside we matter
People need to understand
In order for our wellbeing
We need to make a stand

Looking from the outside
You do not see the pain
Wanting to shout out
It’s all happening again

It’s easy not to focus
Our own needs deep inside
Just slow your body down
Put the guilt off to one side

People need to refuel
Each time it gets too much
Or crash and burn is next
Shut away and losing touch

If you really need to stop
If only to breathe deep
Think of what is best
Keeping sane is all you seek

It’s easy that we judge
All too quickly everyday
No one knows your pain
Open up and have your say

Never be ashamed at all
You always try your best
In return what do you have
A body cleared with rest

It’s not about being selfish
It’s about living each day
In happiness if possible
Lay your body down to pray

When all inside feels lost
Take a look around
Who is standing with you
Your not lost but found

The guilt toss it aside
Don’t feel it anymore
You always do your best
The guilt choose to ignore

You may not understand
This is written just for you
Let all guilt feelings out
Only do what you can do

Your body can be fragile
So take care of it well
No one can do it for you
Rest up and heal yourself

Forget about the guilt
It’s easier to say than do
Try to rest body and mind
You must be kind to you:



Oh to be happy buzzing about

I love all flowers when they’re out

I’m black and yellow as you see

Buzzing about makes me so happy

How wonderful to be a bee

Living in nature as you see

Save the bees thank you so

I make honey “do you oh”


Streams of Consciousness Saturday

Human !

Some people choose to change their ways

Though not for the better I’m afraid to say

Why are people so false and two faced

They somehow don’t feel any disgrace

I’ve been kind with people while growing up

My mother taught me this so well

Treat people with care and respect

A kind word to think and tell

Most people I know are caring and nice

They treat me well and they give advice

They help when I feel tired and sore

They’re friends that mean so much more

People can think I’m unkind

Truth be told I don’t mind

Deep on down I know true friends

That’s all that matters in the end

Some folk just cannot help themselves

Poking their nose in lives of everyone else

Making up stories and rumours galore

True friends will hopefully choose to ignore

I’d rather have one dear close friend

Than a group of stirrers who just offend

They’re obviously sad within their own life

Leave well alone they’re not worth the strife

Just Be You !

Truth Is Best !


Oh to be famous
Oh to be rich
None of these matter
It’s contentment I wish . .
Funny how we look
At people today
If you don’t have class
You don’t belong no way
The society we live in
It’s not all that great
A corrupt government
Hiding behind their gates
Stand up and be counted
You must forge ahead
Paparazzi will feed off
Something else instead .
The state of famous
You can keep it all
I’ll always be myself
Even if I fail even if I fall
Always be true to yourself

My Birthday 🍰

Yesterday I turned fifty five 😱

I can’t believe I’m still alive 😁

Many birthdays have been great

Meeting friends staying out late

As the years swiftly go by you realise

Then wrinkles appear before your eyes

Age gracefully is what they say

Plastic surgery too much to pay

I’m five years off of sixty

The years they go so fast

Oh I’m such a pessimist

Hope my pessimism never lasts

Seeing my grandson yesterday

Hi baby It was really special in every way

His smiley face lifts me so high

It makes me sad when saying goodbye

I maybe old with aches and pains

Finding happiness one day I’ll gain

I do know others worse than myself

Though I’ll gladly be there for everyone else

When your brought up to love and to care

As you get older the more love you share

My beautiful mum she guided me well

I love family so much I suppose you can tell ! ❤️

My Grandson Grayson 🤗

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