19/08/2019 16:14
When I go for coffee, but all alone When I worry endlessly, in my home When I feel my world, crashing down When I think of mum, I cry and frown
When I wonder when, it will all end When I think of all, who’s my true friend When I feel overwhelmed, day by day When I need to keep going, in every way
When I try to think, of something nice When I just keep going, on thin ice When I hear your voice, in a dream When I awake myself, through a scream
When you look at me, with a blank stare When I suddenly realise, your still in there When I wish this feeling, of helplessness When I find days hard, I cannot dress
When I think about, failings of my past When I think back to, saying it won’t last When I dream nice dreams, with you in When I smile as I, recall everything
When I wonder, why is it so
When I realise, others too will know When I know and feel, I’m not alone When the love all my life, I have known
When I know how lucky, I have been When I learn to accept, the things I’ve seen When I finally know, I done all I could When my past life, I finally understood
When I remember deep down, tears I saw When I remember, seeing you scared and raw When I remember things, a child should not When I’d try to protect you, with all I’d got
When I somehow wish, your scars would banish When I think how cowardly, just go and vanish When I slept beside you, cuddled into your arms When I prayed to god, he kept you from harm
When I think back, I don’t think of the fear When I remember you, always kept me near When I go to sleep now, I see your smiley face When I know deep down, you I’d never replace

Vision !

Open your eyes and look
Trying so hard to smile
Think of your best memory
Though it may take a while

How changes affect us daily
We try to go with the flow
Dangers lurk round every corner
Breathe, and try to let go

There’s always some hope
So you need to believe
Please don’t be afraid
Just believe in me

There’s so much beauty
Around where we look
Please don’t ignore it
Embrace all it took

Serene Setting

Breathe !

I feel no shame in lying late

A beautiful sound to be heard

I listen to birds tweeting

While others fly the clouds

The way they glide upon the sky’s

Their feathers flowing freely

The feeling of positive changes

I breathe in and relax outwith

Taking it all in my stride

The feeling of positivity

I’ll keep them near my side

How wonderful a beautiful day

It’s to behold beauty itself

Not take for granted in any way

Blessings to all lovely people

Let’s keep our planet this way

We each have a role to play

Keep our earth safe I say

Believe in worlds wonders

Did I make you listen clearly

Just breathe and enjoy

We’re only on limited time dearly

Sound A Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy to me

I’d imagine quite a few would agree

It makes you feel really unwell

Your body is weary many can tell

Your mind can’t shut off

From troubles and pains

Stresses ongoing in your brain

I wanna feel so normal again

No medications I want to take

Enough I take for my body aches

I wish I was different in every way

I wish my pain disappear one day

I feel so unlucky in body and soul

To have no pain is my end goal

Though it may come only in death

Until that day comes I hold my breath

Does it sound selfish all that I say

Normal is what I wish for each day

To gently lay my body so weak

I know one day I’ll fall fast asleep

My Precious Mum

The tears they fell so quickly

The shock it was too much

To see my beautiful mother

So grey and losing touch

My heart it broke in two

To see you look so unwell

Wanting to bring you home

That’s out of reach as well

I feel so utterly useless mum

I’m sorry I left your side

I’ll return to you soon mum

This time my tears I’ll hide

I’m sitting and I’m praying

Please god just keep mum safe

My heart is losing strength now

So I’ll hang on to some faith

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