19/08/2019 16:14
When I go for coffee, but all alone When I worry endlessly, in my home When I feel my world, crashing down When I think of mum, I cry and frown
When I wonder when, it will all end When I think of all, who’s my true friend When I feel overwhelmed, day by day When I need to keep going, in every way
When I try to think, of something nice When I just keep going, on thin ice When I hear your voice, in a dream When I awake myself, through a scream
When you look at me, with a blank stare When I suddenly realise, your still in there When I wish this feeling, of helplessness When I find days hard, I cannot dress
When I think about, failings of my past When I think back to, saying it won’t last When I dream nice dreams, with you in When I smile as I, recall everything
When I wonder, why is it so
When I realise, others too will know When I know and feel, I’m not alone When the love all my life, I have known
When I know how lucky, I have been When I learn to accept, the things I’ve seen When I finally know, I done all I could When my past life, I finally understood
When I remember deep down, tears I saw When I remember, seeing you scared and raw When I remember things, a child should not When I’d try to protect you, with all I’d got
When I somehow wish, your scars would banish When I think how cowardly, just go and vanish When I slept beside you, cuddled into your arms When I prayed to god, he kept you from harm
When I think back, I don’t think of the fear When I remember you, always kept me near When I go to sleep now, I see your smiley face When I know deep down, you I’d never replace

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