Halloween 🧛🏻‍♀️

Thursday Thirsty !

It was on the thirty first

I was hoping for a flood

Something to quench my thirst

A need for sticky warm blood

Off I fly into the night

My hypnotic dark eyes

To serve up with fright

Always aware of upcoming light

It was then I heard voices below

Oh yes I’m gonna put on a show

I prepared myself out of flight

Right behind but still outta sight

I kept disguise under my cape

I knew they weren’t to escape

Who had the thickest neck of all

I went into bite but they didn’t fall

What’s happening how can this be

Why this pain inside of me

I look to see sun shining through

It was my end but not for you

The End 🦇

Black & White *

Is it real, what we feel

Do we need, all we have

Often life’s pathways

Take us away in dreams *

To reach but not touch

To feel but not much

My heart yearns again

Just shelter the pain *

Those who look on

Are they as wise

Do they pretend

Behind some disguise *

Oh fear not I am here

Though in what mood

I must declare my fret

Let us not forget *

Does it make sense

Who really cares

Who’s really looking

Or do they just stare *

What will be will be

Time will only tell

Take it all in again

Carry with the swell *

It doesn’t make any sense

The puzzles here within

Where does it all end

Where did it all begin *

We each have our cross

Our cross that we bare

In giving up of emotions

Between us we’ll share *

Trust in your own heart

Then let it be told

Punishments harder

As we each grow old *

Therefore seek pleasure

In what you can achieve

Nobody’s left out this

Seek shelter just breathe *

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