Halloween 🧛🏻‍♀️

Thursday Thirsty !

It was on the thirty first

I was hoping for a flood

Something to quench my thirst

A need for sticky warm blood

Off I fly into the night

My hypnotic dark eyes

To serve up with fright

Always aware of upcoming light

It was then I heard voices below

Oh yes I’m gonna put on a show

I prepared myself out of flight

Right behind but still outta sight

I kept disguise under my cape

I knew they weren’t to escape

Who had the thickest neck of all

I went into bite but they didn’t fall

What’s happening how can this be

Why this pain inside of me

I look to see sun shining through

It was my end but not for you

The End 🦇

Sleepless Body !

Here again darkness surrounds

Bats and owls flapping all around

Branches tapping against the glass

I do not fear for it will pass

My diaphragm rising breathing so

Oh not again please just let go

I’m in my slumber I need sleep

Haunting me so until I weep

I’ve given so much of my soul

Pleasure for you that’s your goal

Years gone by I’m worn down

Why do this to see me frown

You’ll have to leave one day soon

Rest will come as I pass the moon

You’ll not find me this I know

My special journey off I’ll go

Sound A Sleep

Sleep doesn’t come easy to me

I’d imagine quite a few would agree

It makes you feel really unwell

Your body is weary many can tell

Your mind can’t shut off

From troubles and pains

Stresses ongoing in your brain

I wanna feel so normal again

No medications I want to take

Enough I take for my body aches

I wish I was different in every way

I wish my pain disappear one day

I feel so unlucky in body and soul

To have no pain is my end goal

Though it may come only in death

Until that day comes I hold my breath

Does it sound selfish all that I say

Normal is what I wish for each day

To gently lay my body so weak

I know one day I’ll fall fast asleep

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